With employees, customers and donors spread around the world, our centrally-located fulfillment center equips our clients with the resources and space that is required today to take on audience outreach campaigns with attentive kitting and assembly, the room to hold inventory, and the experience in logistics to efficiently move shipments across the US and around the world.

Kitting and Distribution that Delivers Impact

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    Nothing says “I appreciate you” more than a thoughtful gift tailored to the individual person. With Summit's customized gifting and kitting experience, your gratitude will resonate with the people who matter to you.
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    The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation wanted to spice up the appreciation shown to their scholarship recipients, so they reached out to Summit to craft a recipe for success in a branded merch gift kit.
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    Online guitar lessons from a Fender designer, cooking classes from a world-class chef. These are just two of the amazing reward experiences built by our team for a recent incentive program. Read more on these unique experiences...
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    After an unprecedented 2020, the Cargo team at United wanted to thank their employees for going above and beyond in the past year.
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    Together with our team, we helped Swing King get as many eyes on their brand as possible.
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    The Food & Beverage Team at Summit created a campaign for Aussie Beef & Lamb, Make a Moment. The objective of the campaign was to make a Guinness World Record attempt for the most users in an online dinner party hangout. Read more.
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    We held Summit Live, a fast-paced, engaging, online event to showcase the wide variety of human engagement tools we offer to help you conquer the peak of human engagement; stay connected and engaged with the people who matter to you.
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    Like many, we found that our own people were in need of a little sales incentive in the early summer of 2021. So, tada! we put together our own internal sales incentive program - practicing what we preach.
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    Looking to get the NBA’s Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year Award produced, Life Fitness, reached out to our team so that it could be presented to winner Jeremy Holsopple at an upcoming game.
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    12 days of engaging gifting to keep them coming back...read more.
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    A custom recognition & rewards website complete with a sales team leaderboard, a curated e-store with luxury brand name gifts. The team delivered the program with a strong communications plan that engaged and energized the sales team, encouraging them to break down this significant objective into bite-sized weekly goals.
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    When the American Clean Power Association underwent a rebrand, they came to Summit's team of creative experts to develop both an outreach campaign and a "clean" line of merchandise to reflect the new way forward.

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    An online store that supports 'man caves', belt buckles, ball caps and so much more. Supporting Jack Daniel's target audiences, online, in-person and in-store.
    JD Viewport
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    "The number of people joining in virtually was AWESOME! I’ve had so many people asking me about the swag and game feature! I am passing your info out all over Allstate!" - Client Feedback
    virtual engagement gaming
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    In time for the big day, these custom packaged treats were delivered to over 500 locations, complete with tent cards to drive the message home, "a Vital Valentine... our team members are the heart of what we do."
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    In collaboration with Dweck’s Marketing & HR team, Summit dialed up our creativity to breathe life into their new brand in these onboarding kits.
    employee onboarding kit
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    Like many organizations, at Summit, we are always searching for unique ways to continuously keep our clients engaged and excited to work with our team.
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    Octo was looking for a way to engage their team in their upcoming apparel project. Our pop-up shop combined with their team's design options made for a winning combination.
    Pop-Up Shop
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    When launching a new website for a specialized team and their respective patients, United Therapeutics wanted to spark some excitement in their audience.
    branded corporate gifts
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    Creating the best user experience was top of mind for Schneider Electric with the launch of their EVlink Charger. Personalizing the experience made all the difference.
    Car charging
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    Barilla, the headlining sponsor of an industry conference geared for corporate chefs, came to us with the following challenge: create a 5-8 minute content session that engages, educates, and adds value to the attendee all while keeping their eyeballs on the screen.
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    Enabling the public to recognize and spotlight the team at Wellstar Health is a winning formula for this organization.
    corporate gift ideas
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    United Together
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    Allstate snuggles into communities as other organizations stood still, enabling and recognizing their agents for bringing warmth and humanity to their hometowns & creating connections in a lonely time.
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    How do you rally a disconnected sales group across various brands into one sales incentive program? Just ask us, we know how.
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    Just what do you do to recognize a diverse crew of long serving team members globally? See how United's recognition program took flight...
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    The goal for R1 Learning has always been to create a safe space that provides leading strategies for substance use disorder, mental health, and co-occurring disorders.
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    Barilla came to us looking for a one-stop e-commerce solution after their current platform was outdated, cumbersome, and lacked true brand identity.
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    Lidl is in the business of revolutionizing grocery shopping from the moment they break ground; "Grand Openings".
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    Fortunate to work with this prestigious group, providing support and engagement for our retired-NFL players.
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    Needing to engage with fundraisers creatively and with personal communication, together we designed, created, and fulfilled 12,000 mailings sent to constituents to build engagement...
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    ...They were celebrating the entire week, so employees had a new surprise waiting for them at their desk every day of Customer Service Week...
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    Every year Shark Week is some of the most-watched TV programs, and the team at Discovery wanted to create some additional hype to support the launch of the program.
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    Our team does so much more than branded products, we create genuine and authentic moments of human engagement! When working with our client True Aussie Lamb & Beef they wanted to create a unique and memorable event.  
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    Artful branded merchandise that reflects the corporate persona and the future thinking of the organization.
    Walgreens Team Store
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    You've invested time and resource into making the right hire, make sure those first few days set everyone up for long term success.
    motorola onboard
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    With an entire team dedicated to keeping things fresh and fun on this online shop, it's of no surprise that it includes a wide variety of on-trend goods.